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Get "ROAD-READY" Low/Zero Driving Experience Package = Zero Hassle, Zero Stress, Let me deal with the most stressful initial hours on the road. First time or minimal experience specialist, Nervous learner specialist (get "road-ready" so your driving is competent and your supervising driver feels relaxed).

"TEST READY" Package Includes Battle-Tested Local Knowledge, Experience VicRoads test route "trips & traps" fix bad habits, perfect your reverse park & 3 point turns. Introduction to defensive driving techniques "safe-as"

Reverse Park & 3 Point Turns made easy, Using my simple system 


Road Rule Worries Sorted, "on the go"

For the most misunderstood give way rules - check out these videos 


First Test Pass Guarantee, with my easy “Bullet-proof” system, use my local knowledge of VicRoads test routes to assist you in passing driving test pass

24/7 Online Booking, time that's right for you


Home, pickup & drop off

Revolutionising Learner Driver Training


We Guarantee Your Driving Lesson Experience 


By the end of your first driving lesson, you will have a full understanding of the "Primary sequences" these are the building blocks for all further driving skills you will need to pass your driving test.

Our battle-tested system is so good that you can practice anytime, sitting on the couch, train, bus, even laying in bed. 


Revolutionary -  Faster Learning. Get your license sooner

Local - We are near you. We know the VicRoads test routes

Best - Unique Learner Driver System "step by step" lessons

Free - Home pick up & drop off service

Affordable - Save, with pre-pay discounts

Professional - Relaxed Australian instructor

Safe - YES. We incorporate defensive driving principles


You could learn the old school way or.....


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Our unique Learner Driver System makes it a cinch!


It's easier, Ready


It's quicker, Set 


It's smarter, GO


OUR Learner Driver Program is an Easy Step by Step system designed to help power you through the learning curve.

Go driving lessons.com.au utilises the same cutting-edge training techniques used to train pilots in the aviation industry.


Believe it or not, you don't just grab the keys jump in the car and go.


There are actually multiple steps an experienced driver covers before they GO.


Using my system & just a tiny bit of practice it becomes as easy as








We have broken the whole process down into easy to remember bite-size steps that follow a logical and systematic order that quickly become second nature.

Our driving school is the ONLY learner driver program that incorporates training techniques used in the aviation industry utilising two cutting-edge training techniques Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mnemonics in my driver training system. (Don't worry you don't have to learn anything extra). 

During driver training, I incorporate the lighting fast recall technique of Mnemonics to assist in speeding up the learning curve. 

To help free up brain space I also incorporate basic Nero Linguistic Programming to assist with attaching good habits to tasks that require consistent repetitive actions in order to meet and pass the drive test criteria.

The "Primary Sequences" are the most crucial sequences you will need to learn as they are the building blocks for all further drive skills that you will need to master to pass your driving test. The primary sequences are used to leave the curb, return to the curb, during lane changes, reverse parking and  point3 turns with my unique system I've broken all of the required skills down into easy to master bite-size steps !!

Using the unique Learner Driver Training Program techniques, driving becomes as easy as:








By the end of your first lesson, you will have a full understanding of the "Primary sequences". Our system is so good that you can practice anytime, sitting on the couch, train, bus, even laying in bed. 




Happy learner passed driving test