Road Ready

For beginner & Inexperienced drivers

"ROAD-READY" = Zero Stress​, Zero Arguments.

The perfect choice for Low or Zero Driving Experience students. Avoid the most dangerous & anxiety-filled initial hours on the road, I'll take the heat for the supervising driver, I am a first time and nervous learner specialist. Prevent in-car stress-related arguments.

The goal of "road-ready" is for the learner to become competent with their car handling skills and have them actively respond to verbal commands from the supervising driver. This ensures everyone in the car can relax. 

Road-Ready = Zero Stress​, Zero Arguments

Items a new driver needs in order to be "Road Ready"


  • Driver setup - seat, steering position & mirror adjustment

  • Car controls & how to operate them

  • Instruments - understanding what's being displayed

  • Steering, Braking & Accelerating techniques

  • A simple system for leaving & returning to the curb (this becomes the "foundation" for all future manoeuvres required to meet the VicRoads drive test criteria)

  • Car control - quite back streets, Left & Right turns, giving way at intersections, small roundabouts eventually progressing to busier roads & traffic lights